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Welcome to the Website of Tirtrans Ltd.
We are a successful goods carriage and forwarding business. For a number of years, we have been developing and extending our business operations and areas of specialisation. Our exceptional quality and reliability is what our customers appreciate.
n this Website you can find out what kind of business we are exactly engaged in by clicking the tab About Us. You can read about our goods carriage services in the Our Offer section and about our fleet in the Our Fleet or Gallery sections. If you are interested in cooperation, all contact details are in the Contact section. We have also provided Useful Links for visitors so that they can get all information concerning carriage services, current foreign exchange rates, etc.
Don't hesitate to see for yourself!

A new Website

creation date: 07.01.2008
Today, we have launched a new Tirtrans Website.

Another DAF trucks

creation date: 02.01.2008
Delivery of new ADR compliant DAF XF 105.460 tractors

SPITZER bulk tankers

creation date: 15.11.2007
Delivery of new SPITZER bulk tankers

Another SCANIA tractors on the way

creation date: 08.11.2007
Another 3 new Scania trucks have arrived at our depot, this time the Topline model. Catering to the needs of our drivers, we have chosen Topline, which is the most comfortable, the best equipped and the most spectacular R-type cabin ever manufactured by Scania(quote from the site www.scania.pl)

Business operations development

creation date: 04.08.2007
We have put into use an enlarged depot yard. Now, it has no difficulty accommodating all our tractors and trailers. As we continue to increase the number of vehicles, we have no concerns whatsoever. If we want to serve our customers better, we have and want to develop, and to this end we need the space that we have from now on.

Our fleet grows bigger

creation date: 01.06.2007
Delivery of 3 Scania Highline tractors. The next ordered vehicles will arrive later this year.
Our fleet
Tirtrans fleet comprises more than 40 DAF and Scania tractors.

We also have curtainsiders and tarp trailers KRONE, KOGEL, SCHMITZ, bulk tankers FELBINDER, SPITZER and LAG and tankers MAGYAR and FELBINDER...
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